2 Tips To Make The Most Of Per Diem Nursing

Per diem nursing and full-time nursing offer very different experiences. While there are benefits to full-time nursing, like a consistent work schedule and paycheck, it comes with some drawbacks as well, making per diem nursing a more attractive option than before. 

Per diem nursing from the-clinx.com/the-exchange comes with the benefits of freedom and flexibility in your nursing schedule. But there are a few aspects of per diem nursing that is important to consider, given that it’s not for everyone! 

Make Connections

One of the main differences between per diem nursing and full-time nursing is that per diem nurses, working through an agency, usually don’t get the chance to develop strong bonds with their co-workers and residents, given that there isn’t as much time to create those bonds. 

You may also face stigmas about per diem staff from co-workers and residents. 

In the caregiving field, the bonds you make are crucial. Taking your shifts with a positive attitude and an open heart can help initiate positive relationships with residents and staff alike. 

You’ll likely make stronger connections, even if you don’t spend as much time at the facility. Doing so will help you give higher quality care to residents.

Ask Questions

As a per diem nurse, you have more first days at a new facility than a full-time nurse will have in their whole career! That means that asking questions is an important part of your role as a per diem nurse. 

Some of the best per diem nurses know how to get oriented with a new facility quickly and efficiently, which means asking lots of questions and making sure you’re on the same page as the rest of the staff and residents.