A Short Introduction To The Revolutionary 3D Printing Technology

3D printing is one of the most remarkable technologies that has been developed in recent years. This technology enables you to use a specialized printer to create the things you design on a computer with the help of certain materials.

If you are planning to use the amazing 3D printing technology, you must know about it, like the working of the technology, salient features, scanners and 3D modeling applications, and how to print, etc.

How Does This Technology Work?

In order to 3D print something, you need to create the concept art of the object first. A virtual design has to be created in the form of a specialized file such as CAD. CAD files can be created with the help of a 3D scanner if you are planning on cloning a specific object.

The 10 types of 3D Printing Technology | by David AlayĆ³n | Future Today | Medium

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3D Scanners:

3D scanners are an important part of 3D printing technology. These specialized scanners can make use of various technologies in order to create a 3D model.

Printing the Model

Once you have readied the model, you need to work on it further to get it ready for 3D printing. In order to prepare the model, a process known as slicing is used. In it, the model is sliced into numerous horizontal layers.

In order to do so, you need specialized software. Some modeling applications have this function built into them. The time required for the printing to be completed depends on the printer you are using, the materials you are working with, and the complexity of the structure.

3D printing is the wave of the future and it could very well be your best opportunity for creating your own objects and models.