Alzheimer’s Support – The Support and Care for Alzheimers Patients

Alzheimer's disease affects the brain and can lead to cognitive impairments. There is currently no cure for this condition, which can cause brain damage and eventually lead to the end of a person's life. 

There are many Alzheimer’s support groups that can help patients and their families. You can also know more about the sensory activities for dementia patients at

Virtual reality for dementia patients: How VR can be used to train carers

Alzheimer's disease is most common in patients who are diagnosed within eight years. However, the disease can progress over a period of up to twenty years. Patients with Alzheimer's have difficulty remembering and using other mental skills. 

They also need to be able to perform daily tasks like dressing and getting dressed. Patients and caregivers can be assured that they are not the only ones suffering from Alzheimer's and offered some hope for a future.

Although no definitive cause has been identified, there are many theories and researches that attempt to unlock the secrets to this degenerative condition. One theory suggests that the key is genetic. 

Those who are older and have a family history of the condition are most at risk. The idea that a healthy aging process may be beneficial in preserving brain cells that are susceptible to being destroyed can also help prevent this condition from developing.

While much of the condition remains a mystery at this time, there is still some hope for the future with more research and experimentation. Scientists are trying to understand the causes of the condition and how it affects the brain.