Architecture Design Trends That Every Architect Should Know

Architectural designs have shifted from paying more attention to artifacts to presenting people with practical options.

Trends in architecture design keep changing and these changes shape the future of the construction industry. These trends also shape the wants and decisions of customers. You can find the best online architecture design via

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Here are some of the latest trends in architecture:

1. Architecture is getting more practical and subtle

Buildings that are more commercially viable are taking a centre stage. Of course, looks matter, but subtle looks are the ones that are trending today. 

As the country urbanizes, more and more sophisticated designs are seen adorning buildings in town. Mature designs and understanding how the buildings perform are more important than anything else.

2. Residential designs

Even when it comes to residential designs, several things have changed. The kitchens are getting larger. Residents prefer the kitchens to be an epicenter. Homeowners prefer large and spacious kitchen areas with big seating spaces. Kitchens have become the hubs for families to gather around and spend some quality time.

3. Open concept

Connecting indoors and outdoors seamlessly seems to be a trend that is emerging and will last for quite some time. Most houses today include implied spaces. 

These spaces often connect with each other and enlarge the perceived interior space. Open concept homes are usually designed to make maximum use of natural light pouring in and are hence more energy efficient.