Buy Lithium-Ion Chemistry Batteries

If you have a laptop, the chances are high that it is powered by lithium-ion (Li-Ion). The VGP-BPS9A/B type battery is used for many different electronic devices for consumers, such as PDAs and cellphones.

The prismatic lithium ion batteries also needs protection circuits to be integrated inside the battery to monitor battery voltage and ensure a secure and current level and ensure that the Apple A1185 battery's temperature stays within a safe range operating.

They were the most popular type of rechargeable battery in laptops today because they're smaller than other types of laptop batteries They also last longer than other types of technology, and also because they don't suffer from the memory effect phenomenon. 

Type LithiumIon is double the amount of energy as the standard nickel Cadmium Apple MacBook professional 17-inch battery. Additionally, the lithium ion battery is a single cell with a voltage of 3.6 Volts and 1.2 Volts per cell. 

Cylindrical cell LithiumIon are usually rectangular in appearance, much like normal notebook batteries. The cells are encased inside a case made of plastic and the cells are linked in a way that allows for the correct output voltage, and to maximize memory capacity (rated as milliamp hours). 

Lithium-Ion batteries are a battery with an extremely short lifespan due to the fact that technology has advanced and has a longer life span, however, they are independent of their charge cycles, and are mostly influenced by their age.