Citric Acid – All You Need to Know

Citric acid is also known as E330 to the scientific fraternity. Although technically a weak acid, citric acid has a strong presence in food, chemicals and dyes and cosmetics, and the pharmaceutical industry throughout the world.

It comes as crystal powder when left at room temperature, citric acid is included in the family of carboxylic acid, although it is slightly stronger than others. You can buy citric acid for sale in powder as well.

To the chemists and researchers, it is also known as C6H8O7. An intermediate in the citric acid cycle, it also has significance in biochemistry, with a notable role to play in the metabolism process of living beings. 

Enough has been said about the biological and chemical details of acid, time now for some quick facts! This class of acid though often confused with Vitamin C, it may be important to know that Citric acid has got nothing to do with Vitamin C.

You might want to remember the next time you buy a lemon in the hope of getting a natural vitamin C supplement, that it is actually citric acid that makes its presence feel In these fruits with a sour taste.

C factors can be truly confusing for ordinary people who have the least ideas about all these peculiarities. The tangy flavor that tingles your taste buds every time you take a sip of your favorite beverage comes from its wacky presence, of course