Create an Impression With Eco-Friendly Business Cards

The business cards bear the identity of the corporation. Represents the image of the organization to the viewer. It conveys the essence and vision of the company. A business card plays an essential role in communicating the nature of the corporation's business. An entrepreneur can create a positive and lasting impact on the minds of clients.

A marketer can play with colors, patterns, images, fonts, and other elements to create a timeless impression. The unique design of the cards distinguishes the cards from other competitors' cards. A marketer can design a solid gold business card that does not present health risks. These cards also leave a deeper visual impact on the minds of the viewers.

Things to consider for a business card:

An eco-friendly card can be easily created using cost-effective materials. Some entrepreneurs prefer to use recycled paper to create eco-friendly cards. However, the recycled paper contains a certain amount of chlorine.

This chemical is harmful to people's health. You should check the quality of the paper before using it for cards. The paper must be free of chlorine. You should also use an environmentally friendly printer. These printers use chemical-free printing inks and papers. 

A marketer must select vegetable-based inks for printing purposes. There are petroleum-based inks that include volatile organic compounds in greater amounts. Some also use metallic inks that include a certain amount of metallic pigments. 

These links are harmful to the environment and health. Plant-based ink is made from corn oil or soybean oil. These links do not harm the environment in any way. Instead of using a UV coating, you can use a water-based coating on the cards. UV coating is chemically based and therefore destructive to the environment.