Critical Mistakes Made By Inexperienced Sexual Assault Lawyers in Toronto

An inexperienced sexual harassment attorney can undermine your defense, no matter how much evidence or witnesses you have on your side. Because there are so many grey areas, hearsay, and other uncertainties in this case, it’s important that your attorney chooses his arguments carefully and knows the vulnerabilities in the charges.

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Poor cross-testing skills

A sexual assault attorney relies on witness testimony to build a strong case to support a defendant. The purpose of cross-examination is to get the person to answer the way you expect them to, so good lawyers almost always know how to answer their questions.

Don’t question credibility

When cross-examining experts such as doctors or psychologists, it is important for lawyers to determine the validity of their claims during interrogation. Sometimes prosecutors will call a professional who has not checked medical records or even questioned the alleged victim. A sexual harassment attorney should be able to reveal these differences during the process.

Lack of evidence

Many times evidence has been collected under suspicious circumstances and any illegal confiscation can be destroyed by filing a suppression motion. If approved, the defense will be placed in a much more strategic position and have a greater chance of winning the case. Inexperienced lawyers may think that they are not qualified enough to make this argument, or they may not consider it a reasonable choice.