Different Hues of Himalayan Salt

Pink Himalayan salt is a distinctive reddish-purple crystal salt that is mined in the Andes Mountains of Peru. It's known as one of the world's most valuable minerals and is prized for its ability to enhance beauty. Although the colors of Himalayan salt are generally distinguishable, there are some subtle variations in its color.

The two differentiating features of Pink Himalayan salt can be used to give it unique colors. Most people are familiar with the common earth-tone to pinkish color associated with Himalayan salt. The more common hues of pink include:

Pink "Ace" is the highest grade salt in terms of quality and price. It is also among the most expensive. This color is typical of the top grades of Himalayan salt and is the most prevalent color in top quality jewelry.

Pink "Bitter" has a slightly bitter taste, which often makes it an excellent choice when salt is combined with flavor enhancers. This color is similar to the darker shade of pink discussed above and is found in some salt brands with very small amounts. "Bitter" is a good choice when you want to enhance the flavor of food by adding a little bit of a flavor enhancer.

Pink "Citrine" has a soft, satiny grayish-white color, which is commonly found in only very small quantities. The low amounts of nitrite are likely to be found in high-grade Himalayan salt. This salt is probably the most common color of Himalayan salt, although it is not necessarily the most desirable.

Pink "Dundess" is darker than "Citrine" but is still lighter than "Ace". "Dundess" is a paler shade of pink and is much less commonly used than "Citrine". Its appearance is similar to that of "Citrine", except in this case, it is less common and has a lower concentration of itself.

Pink "Emerald" is a striking yellow color, which is seldom found in large quantities. Pink "Emerald" is a natural color that is most commonly found in low grade Himalayan salt. This color is only found in smaller amounts, making it rarer than "Citrine".

Pink "Metallic" is a very dark, rich, metallic tone that is popular in the highest quality Himalayan salt. Metallic is also the most prevalent hue in a large amount of Himalayan salt. "Metallic" is best suited to high-quality jewelry and is highly prized for its durability and hardness.

Pink "Olive" is a dark brown color, which is rarely found in high grades of Himalayan salt. Olive is found in very small quantities and is rarely found in one color. Olive is a very unusual hue and is very rare in Himalayan salt.

Pink "Prussian" is a pale lavender color that is commonly found in very small quantities. Prussian is a very faint color that is found in only a small amount of Himalayan salt. Prussian is an extremely rare hue.

Pink "Pink" is a pale pink color that is moderately common in Himalayan salt. Pink is a very distinctive color and is most commonly found in low grades of Himalayan salt. "Pink" is a very attractive hue that works well in any type of jewelry.

The most popular colors of Himalayan salt have been identified and described. Knowing these colors will help you determine the type of Himalayan salt that you need to buy. Himalayan pink salt comes in many grades, and some are more desirable than others.