Different Types of Mulch For Your Garden

Mulch is an excellent way to save time in the garden, whether you're caring for a flower bed or a vegetable patch. It cuts down on the time it takes to water, weed, and control pests when done correctly. It makes fruits, vegetables, and flowers healthier in general.

Make sure you choose the best mulch for a more productive garden. While most types of mulch protect plants from pests and weeds, some are specifically designed for specific plants, trees, or crops. You can also purchase organic landscaping mulch through various online sources.

Different types of mulch for your garden:

There are two main types of mulch: 

  • Organic

  • Inorganic

Leaf clippings, straw, cut grass, compost, sawdust, shredded bark, sawdust, pine needles, and even paper are among the previously living materials found in organic mulch. Black plastic and geotextiles are examples of inorganic mulches (landscape fabrics).

Both types of mulch keep weeds at bay, but organic mulch improves the soil as it decomposes. Although inorganic mulch does not degrade or enrich the soil, it is still a good choice for your garden.

For instance, black plastic, a common type of inorganic mulch, warms the soil and radiates heat at night, keeping heat-loving vegetables like eggplant and cherry tomatoes comfortable and energized.