Get Some Information About Online Physical Therapy Programs

Physical therapists require 6 to 7 years of advanced education, as well as many clinical experience segments.

Online education can be beneficial for some students, but there are many majors (physical therapy being one) in which hands-on education is crucial. 

There are not fully online programs in physical therapy. However, it is possible to study some classes online, particularly prerequisite classes. You can even get help from Santa Barbara’s Best Chiropractor.

Education Requirements for Physical Therapists

To be eligible to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), an individual must meet a variety of educational requirements. These requirements include a 4-year undergraduate Bachelor's degree.

Although it can be taken at any school, top schools recommend that you focus on a course that covers any prerequisite classes to make it easier for you to get accepted into a PT program.

These courses include English, mathematics, and some sociology or social science classes. The different physical therapy programs usually have a list of prerequisite classes. This can make it easier for students to take the necessary courses earlier in their education. It will also allow them more time to pursue their clinical experience and technical courses.

Students who are accepted into a physical therapy program after completing their bachelor's degree – and having presumably taken the required prerequisites – can move on to the technical part of their education.

Online education is moving forward

Most schools don't offer an online program because the second part of their training is so intensive and technical. The majority of the learning experience students get is gained through hands-on practice and instruction. This cannot be replicated online.

Students should avoid programs that offer technical courses in order to earn a physical therapy degree online, aside from the most basic courses.