How Does the Game of Bowling Work in Carlisle?

A bowling game consists of 10 frames. Each frame corresponds to one revolution for the bowler. The goal of the bowler is to knock down as many pins as possible in one frame. For more information about a bowling game, you can visit this websiteThe bowler may roll the ball twice in each frame. The bowler gets an extra turn in the tenth frame if he drops all pins in the first turn.

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If a bowler drops 6 pins after two rounds, they only get two spins. However, when a pitcher hits a reserve or a kick, the rules get a little more complicated. If a bowler hits a reserve, he must include a slash in his report. The maximum number of points a bowler can score in one game is 300.

After the next move, he gets 10 points plus the number of pins he breaks with that move. So if they drop 3 pins after their first move, they get 13 points before their second move. If they then drop 2 pins on the second turn, they get a total of 15 points for that round.

When a pitcher hits, he must enter an X in his record. The kick earns the player ten points plus the number of pins dropped on the next two-player turns in the next round.