How to Improve Performance of Your Car Battery With A Dual Battery Isolation

Do you want to improve your battery performance? Investing in battery isolators is the way to go. While buying it can cut your budget on dual battery installation in Perth. It can really help eliminate a lot of the trouble and hassle when it comes to keeping your car, boat, truck or even plane getting enough power.

Dual Battery System Kit Redarc

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More power reserve:- This is the main benefit of using a dual battery kit. This allows you to charge more than one battery at the same time from a single power source without having to connect the battery poles together. The battery isolator ensures that there is sufficient power to start the engine or to draw large amounts of electricity.

Types of battery insulators and their advantages:- 

Solenoid Isolator: – The solenoid helps to control the flow of electric current between two batteries with the help of a high current relay. The big advantage is that voltage is maintained between the contacts. However, many who have used this insulator say that it is not as reliable as diode based insulators.

Diode isolator:- Diode isolator, on the other hand, contains two high current diodes. They act as heat sinks, which is best for the battery. The most common examples of dual battery systems are smart battery isolators and ATV dual battery systems. This type of battery isolator is easy to install with the help of a complete installation kit or system. The biggest advantage of this type of insulator is that it has a long life with little maintenance.