How to Improve Service Quality in a Call Center

Firms understand the criticality of integrating detailed Service Quality Improvement systems in order to assure the highest possible satisfaction of their company's greatest asset, the customers.

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"Company X", although seemingly successful, did not have in place the most basic of Service Quality Improvement systems that are necessary in today's blogging, blasting, tweeting, Google enabled hi-tech world. We have to get this right or our public image could be destroyed.

Many companies offer constructive suggestions of things they could quickly do to improve customer service and make course corrections well before striking the proverbial iceberg. Here were my suggestions to them:

Implement a real-time survey system on every call or chat.

a. Software and service providers have "out of the box" solutions that work very well, cost very little, and are executable within hours or days.

b. A simple sliding scale scoring system of 1-5 is best (1 = Horrible and 5 = Perfect). Add a notes section after the survey if on chat or a voice message if on the phone.

c. Some companies feel that constant surveying is fatiguing to the customers. Not so. They can choose not to participate by simply clicking a button or hanging up at the end of the call.

d. Do not ask your customers to "opt-in" to a survey before the call begins. Your "normal" customers will always say "no". If they opt out before the call begins and then they do have a negative experience, you won't hear about it until it's too late.