Immigrate To Canada Through Family Class Sponsorship And Business Immigrants

Canada has the 10th largest economy and is one of the richest countries in the world. The country is also known for its extraordinary beauty and occupies a prominent place on the tourist world map for its geographic diversity. 

There are many means of immigration and settlement in Canada. Various means consist of:

  • Experienced Workers
  • Sponsorship in the family class
  • Student Visa
  • Work Permit
  • Corporate Immigration

Family class sponsorship Canada is one of many permanent visa application programs in Canada. This means you may be able to sponsor members of your family to live with you in Canada. However, you must be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada to do this.

In addition to being a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, sponsors must meet a number of requirements to apply for family sponsorship in Canada. They include:

  • The sponsor must be able to support immigrants financially and to meet their basic needs. There are also strict income requirements that sponsors must meet in order to qualify. 

Buy a Business and Move to Canada Immigration Program

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  • To apply for family sponsorship, the sponsor must be willing to sign a sponsorship agreement between the sponsor and the Canadian or Quebec government pledging to support the sponsored individual for a specified period of time.

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