In-Home Postnatal Care Services

The postpartum period is a crucial phase in the lives of mothers and infants. Most maternal and newborn deaths occur during this stage. However, this is the most neglected time for quality care.

The mother and baby were cared for immediately after birth and for the first six weeks after birth. You can also look for postnatal care services via

postnatal care services

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Personalized and specialized home care services for mothers and their babies at home, focused on promoting rapid recovery and addressing birth-related challenges for newborns to reduce high rates of maternal mortality due to postpartum complications and failure of mothers to care for postpartum care services.

Postpartum care services are very important for newborn mothers so that mothers have access to identifying complications promptly from the comfort of their homes.

Aftercare activities are:

  • Immediate medical consideration is the primary clinical observation of blood pressure, pulse and temperature, and treatment of any disorders

  • Monitor the baby for complications and infections.

  • Treat bleeding for the mother and manage possible postpartum hemorrhage. (Bleeding profusely)

  • Routine examination of the condition of the mother's birth canal and reproductive system to ensure proper healing

  • Make skin contact between mother and child.

  • Teach mothers best practices in baby care

  • Provide a safe, healthy, and clean environment for mother and baby.

  • Educate new families, including men, about postnatal care services and family planning.