Information on Engineering Services

Today, half of the construction problems are solved thanks to pre-construction engineering and architectural services. The real process only begins when everything related to it, such as engineering services, is useful to civil engineers and architects.

Engineering services are required for the architecture, structures, and MEP systems of buildings. All of these services will only appear after the planning stage is complete.

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Design services: Design services begin with architectural projects, where the architect plans and sketches the design roughly. Structural engineering and MEP services followed. MEP designers and engineers begin to create their designs based on the specifications provided by the architects.

Preparation service: After the design service is completed, the preparation begins. Manufacturing services are mainly provided by CAD technicians or engineers from various fields. The preparatory documents are very important because they are very useful in modeling services.

Modeling Services: Once the Architectural, Structural, and MEP design documents are ready, the Modeling Services appear. The lead engineer and BIM expert or modeler then begin working on their model, using the preparatory documents as input.

Collision Detection and Coordination Services: The models then check each other for collisions and damage, and this process is called collision detection. Collision detection is the first stage of the coordination process that aims to test whether different designs can safely exist in a given space.