International Schools in Netherland

Keep in mind that many foreign schools in the Netherlands, particularly those for primary education, have significant waiting lists.

The prospect of delaying your child's education, particularly during critical exam years, can be a major roadblock for parents considering a move abroad.

Fortunately, the large number of foreign schools in the Netherlands that provide high-quality education means that this isn't always a problem, especially if you want your child to obtain a British education. You can also look for an international primary school via

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In fact, small campuses and small class sizes, combined with a multicultural environment, usually result in most children thriving, improved language skills more effectively, quickly, and benefit from teachers who know the names of every student in the school, let alone the class!

The main distinction between the island's international schools is the language of instruction. If you want your child to learn a second language, he or she must either begin at a young age or already have a good understanding of the language.

It's impossible to expect a teenager to adjust to a completely new educational system in a language he or she barely understands, and international schools recognise that this scenario is not in the best interests of the child or the school.

Most of the centers require students to take entrance examinations in the core disciplines – Maths, English (or another language of instruction), and occasionally Science – and will not accept students who demonstrate a lack of knowledge of the work that their future peers are undertaking.

Schools are typically accommodating if parents agree that their child will receive extracurricular language instruction until he or she meets an acceptable standard.

You must, however, inquire! It's also worth noting that many of the schools, particularly the primary schools, have long waiting lists, so it's best to contact the centers as soon as you know your child will need a spot.

In addition to the school fees, you'll likely have to pay an enrollment fee when you register your child, as well as the cost of any uniform, books, or equipment.