Is a Baby Sleeping Pad Better Than a Mattress?

For most parents, the idea of baby sleeping pods brings an image of a parent cooing gently around the baby while he or she snuggles into a thick comforter. The truth is that sleep pods were designed for babies who have long-term sleep problems, not for "fallen asleep" baby sleepies. These special beds mimic the regular mattress that your baby sleeps on, so you can continue using the same sheets and comforters as you did when the baby was sleeping on his own. Sleep pods were created to assist with the transition from sleepers to babies who have long-term sleep issues. They work by retaining the body heat of a baby who is sleeping and transferring it to his or her bedding. Sleep pods mimic the texture of a crib mattress and are designed to aid in cuddling your baby close, with the plush padded surfaces and narrow sleeping space aiding to cuddle and comfort your baby, thus allowing him or her to feel warm, safe and at ease.

Sleep pods reviewed at babygearreviews are made by a number of companies including Baby Trend, Advance Rest, Leggett and Plummer, Raincoats, Pure sleep and Chiccoop. All sleep pods have one main feature: they offer a built-in air pump that helps circulate air throughout the main sleeping pod to keep your baby warm. They also have side zippers that allow the parents to quickly remove baby from the main pod and transfer him or her to another sleep surface. The main features of baby sleeping pods are adjustable straps and side zippers, which allow baby to be moved around the room freely. Some models have extra pillows, such as removable wedge shaped ones, to ensure your baby has enough room to cry out.

While these particular models are not specifically designed for newborns, they do offer similar safety benefits to keep baby safe in their cribs. The most popular baby sleeping pods for newborns have a number of unique features. For instance, some newer sleep systems offer innovative air venting systems which keep newborns cool, even in warm environments. These vents allow for increased air circulation to help keep the room temperature cooler which can be extremely helpful during those early weeks when babies don't have much control over their body temperature.

Another great feature of these sleep systems is that they are very hypoallergenic. In fact, they are so hypoallergenic that some parents have reported waking up crying infants instead of their infants! The soft mattress used in baby nest beds is made of an eco-friendly polyfiber blend which allows dust mites and other allergens to stay away from your baby. There is also a removable cover included so you can easily clean it without the hassle of having to wash a bulky bed sheet.

Baby sleep systems with pods make good choices for infants who are still being weaned off of the breast but would still like a place to sleep. These sleep systems are also good choices for older infants who would like to transition from a traditional crib to a soft mattress. Many parents who are concerned about suffocation in their cribs have also replaced traditional mattresses with these sleep systems. When choosing pods for your baby, it is important to look for one that offers a firm and comfortable ride. It is also imperative that the mattress pad provide enough padding to make sure your baby doesn't slip through the gap between the mattress and the pad.

Some companies such as Baby Trend have also created special memory foam nests that have a pocket in the middle that allows parent and baby to keep a close eye on each other while still maintaining their comfortable sleep. Other manufacturers include a waterproof mattress pad with their product so you don't have to worry about the water getting inside. Baby pods with waterproof mattresses are available in twin, full, and twin sized versions. There are also versions of baby pods that can grow with your baby as they grow into a toddler and even a teen.

There are many benefits to using a sleep system such as a baby pod which makes it easier to find the best baby sleeping guidelines for your baby. These innovative sleep systems provide a more secure environment for babies making it easier for them to establish a healthy sleep routine. Using pods or nests allows you to get a good night's sleep knowing your baby is safe and secure in their own bedtime nest.

Baby sleeping pads with pads and covers offer an alternative to traditional mattresses without sacrificing comfort. Baby sleep systems such as pods or nests provide a comfortable sleeping environment for babies while providing an easy and safe way to encourage proper baby sleeping habits. Using baby nests and pads is a great way to get a better nights sleep.