Jackets That Will Make You Looks Good Even After 40

Your hands may be a little more relaxed than before and you are likely to have problems with midlife spread, but no one will notice if you wear a nice jacket. If you have casual short sleeve jackets for women on your list this season but aren't sure which one to buy. 

How to dress after 40 and still look hip? Style tips for women over 40

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Here are some autumn jacket trends that can make you look great after 40 years:-

1. Romantic Ruffles:- Even though shelves are one of the hottest trends this season, they can be difficult to pull off when you are over 40 years old. Why? They can look too "a little feminine" and all that busy steering wheel can only add volume when they're rough or have a few extra pounds in the middle of your waist.

2. Lively leather:- If you love leather but want to look like an old cyclist, try a new style leather jacket. The soft quilting gives the skin an amazing Chanel look. Military splendor and leather jacket details are fresh and new too. 

Soft chocolate, burgundy, and even cobalt blue are popular choices this fall. If you think black leather is great for coloring, wear a more elegant style like a black leather rocking jacket. You want to look beautiful, not tough.

3. Vacuum cleaner:- Very neat and fun, a vacuum cleaner is the right choice. They fall from the middle of the thigh to just below the knee, forming a long line that draws the eye down and makes you look slimmer and taller. 

It is best to put a solid color under the powder on top and bottom and put a light colored powder on top. Fuchsia, gold or red or whatever bold color suits you best and turns your head off.