Jewelry – For Elegant Women

Decorative arts are those types of arts that are used to embellish the spaces in which we live or our bodies. Decorative arts include textile and furniture design, metalwork, glass, ceramics, and fashion design. 

Jewelry has a story of its own and the nicest is the story of 20th-century jewelry. People are using stoneware woman body vases other than silver, gold, or bronze to inspire themselves from the immediate surroundings in giving birth to these objects that we now use every day. 



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The primary role of a decorative art object

After World War I, women's fashion changed a lot. To begin with, long hair was not en vogue anymore so combs were not necessary longer. But this change in hairstyle brought new fashion in the industry of earrings, which were supposed to be very light when wearing them. 

Together with fashion change came the development of jeweled vanity cases, wristwatches, and cigarette cases. They were designed in unusual manners for the time due to the strong, lightweight metals such as platinum, iridium, and palladium used by jewelry artists. 

Many objects tend to communicate information about identity and social status. Sometimes a vase is just a simple glass container with some paintings on it or a certain pattern. 

But the museum type of vases, which can sometimes be bought by rich people, are totally different. The traditional objects are given from father to son or from mother to daughter. Especially jewelry, these decorative art objects show the family and cultural affiliations existent.