Know About Chatbot Services As A CMO

Enterprise mobility consulting companies too, have been offering chatbot services to many big brands for improving their customer support. The integration of cognitive capabilities and robotic process automation (RPA), make these bots great digital assistants for the consumers.

Therefore, most brands have embraced this digitization and strengthened their brand presence through chatbots. As a b2b fractional cmo, you, too, must make the best use of this strategy to stay ahead of your competitors. Some of the aspects which you must remember are:

Cam Roberts—Sales & Digital Marketing Expert

There is a need for a broader mobile messaging strategy: Millennials prefer conversing and seeking information via mobile apps rather than talking to customer care support staffs over the phone.

Therefore, as a CMO, your main objective should be to introduce strategies which cater to the industry needs of today’s consumers. It is important to broaden your mobile messaging service by transforming it into an all-encompassing platform. And chatbots can do that.

While creating a bot, make sure to align it with KPIs, objectives, key messages, and more. There is no reason of consumers not liking your bot if it allows you to collect information, search products, troubleshoot problems, get expert help, place orders and make payments.
It’s essential to pick the right resource: Once you set your marketing strategy, it is time for you to choose the right resources to build the best chatbot for your company. If you want your bot to provide you a stellar performance, it is important to make it multi-channel, that is, a bot which can be deployed across various channels.

To build your bot, it you want to see the help of an enterprise mobility consulting firm, well, it is a really great decision. However, make sure that you receive real-time analytics of your bot’s performance.

These analytics should include length of conversion, message-read rates and the number of leads funnelled through to KPIs. Such elements will make your bot even more responsive, intelligent and smart, your services will be a lot more customer-specific and your marketing efforts will be fruitful.