Magnet Field Therapy – Vibratory Energy Resonance Therapy

Everything must pass – it's true, the question is when (George Harrison)

Our universe, matter, atoms, quarks, neutrinos, and biological systems like ours, that is, our cells, are subject to a natural process of disintegration.

However, the fact is that different biological systems have large differences in their life expectancies. While the mayfly has practically no chance of surviving more than a day and hummingbirds or guinea pigs are not expected to live as long, humans have the potential to live up to 120 years. You can take advantage of  Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy by navigating to this website.

Sea turtles can live more than 300 years. But it seems that non-biological systems such as elementary particles have a predetermined expiration date, e.g. The life expectancy of a proton is thousands of years.

While there is something mysterious about the timing of the dissolution of elementary particles, the thesis regarding biological systems is that the biological age is directly linked to the energy production of a living being. In other words, it can be said that the death of a person is due to the loss of more and more active cells during cell division, thereby gradually deactivating themselves.

This thesis also corroborates a large-scale study conducted in the 70s and 80s on more than 1,200,000 people within energy medicine research in the former Soviet Union. Pro. During this government research supervised by Zagriadsky, 1.2 million test individuals of all different ages and formations at 20 meridian points were biologically screened and electrolytic measurement data documented in a perfect bio-energy curve.

Electromagnetic cell regeneration (ECR), which is the underlying technology of magnet field therapy, uses the knowledge of this research and measuring techniques to document the success of the therapy. Regenerating your cells regularly with Magnet Field Therapy Mat gives your body cells a full bio-energy level.