Multi Camera Event Video Production In Orlando

Correctly filming an event can reveal subtle cues that subconsciously are not overlooked. Different camera angles and the timing and combination of shots can all be used to create the right feel that is in line with the message.

Single Camera Production

It is preferable to place the camera centrally in order to present a single camera event. This is usually at the back of a room. This may seem obvious, but it's surprising at how few event videos you see don't follow this rule. A single camera event video production in Orlando has the primary function to capture the memories in the event. 

event video production

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Two Camera Production

A two-camera production has the second camera placed in front of the audience. An audience shot can add significant visual impact to the video, and it creates an atmosphere of engagement with what's being said.

Three-camera Production

When there are more participants, like a panel discussion, a third camera is necessary.

The third camera is usually located at the back of the room facing the presenters or panelists. If there are multiple panelists or presenters, the third camera can be used to show the entire venue.

Multi Camera Audio

An equally important aspect to event video production is audio.

The event will be heard by everyone involved if it is well planned and equipped.

Many elements are required to create a video event production. Multiple cameras can be a great option to achieve professional results.