Non-Slip Yoga Mats – The Basics

There are many styles and materials available for non-slip yoga mats. The best yoga mats for you will depend on your yoga style and needs. Yoga mats that are thicker and more non-slip are preferred by older people. Yoga mats are available in a variety of sizes, widths, and thicknesses. Yoga mats come in many different sizes, but the main factor is the mat's material.


Natural rubber yoga pads that don't slip are a healthier choice. Natural rubber is made from real rubber trees and not synthetically manufactured. These mats are safer for the environment and last longer than sticky ones. They are also more expensive. Rubber mats can be difficult to appreciate for some people. If left in direct sunlight or heat, they will eventually deteriorate. However, you can also buy eco-friendly yoga mats from

Non-Slip Yoga Mats

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Get Travel Sized:

For those who wish to do yoga on the go, a travel-sized yoga pad can be a great solution. These non-slip travel yoga pads are lightweight and easy to transport. This is a problem because these mats can be transported easily and have minimal cushioning.


Cotton yoga mats are ideal for intense, action-oriented yoga like Ashtanga. Cotton mats are ideal because they absorb sweat from yoga sessions. This prevents slips and falls on the mat. Be aware that cotton mats can slip on hard surfaces such as wooden floors. The mat won't slip on the student, but it can slide on the floor and cause injury.

Cork and Jute:

These yoga pads are great for those who care about the environment. They are also reasonably priced. Many people don't like the non-slip yoga mats made of jute and cork. These mats absorb sweat very well and smell when dry. Cork or jute mats are less durable than other yoga mats and will need to be replaced more often.