Questions For A Babysitter Before Hiring


Your child deserves the best babysitter in your area to meet their needs. And for your safety, you need to hire someone who is more than suitable for the job. This is why you spend so much time searching through ad listings and parenting databases to find the perfect solution for your needs. You can also find babysitting jobs via

Ask a question about the candidate's experience

One of the most important questions you will want to ask your candidate is their previous work experience. Ask for details, eg. What the previous job required and what was liked and disliked in the previous job? 

They want to know more about their attitudes towards their work and their children, so asking them about parenting philosophies they believe in is also a good idea. 

Ask her about her background and why she takes care of the kids

People have different motivations for taking the job they currently have. You'll want to learn more about your potential babysitter by asking them about their family, where they were raised, and how they were raised. 

Another important question that all parents should ask themselves is why did the candidate choose this type of job. 

How to behave with children?

They want to know more about their attitude towards children. Ask your candidate what he or she enjoys most about being with children around your child. You can also ask her about her favorite activities she would like to do with children this age.