Sexual Harassment Training in the Corporate World

Sexual harassment training can help managers, supervisors and employees understand critical issues of discrimination and harassment at work. Some disrespectful behaviors are directly illegal and discriminatory.

Learning to recognize the various forms of harassment, from mildly irritating to completely inappropriate and to eradicate them from the workplace without stifling camaraderie and workplace bonhomie is the primary goal of training.

Effective elimination of harassment in the workplace is the responsibility of every employee. The best online harassment training in recognizing behaviors that are objectionable in ourselves and in others can be a starting point for your workplace.

Online learning portals are very suitable for sexual harassment training. It is a natural human behavior, in reaction to sensitive subjects, to respond with juvenile jokes and crude jesting. Often this means classroom discussions of sexual harassment must be kept ‘clean’ with no real in-depth look at situations of harassment for fear of creating an inappropriate response in class.

In group training either the seriousness of the subject does not get effectively communicated or the classroom itself becomes a laboratory of harassment. When you study online you will see video examples of severe harassment, but without the group discomfort the true impact of these situations will be felt.