Steel Flitch Plates: A Quick Guide

The most important aspect of all construction projects is the structural strength of the building. To ensure that the frame can withstand the load, the builders can utilize steel flitch plates or beams made of steel and wood. Although they're not as common as earlier, the beams are utilized to guarantee a sturdy and solid construction. You may buy flitch plates from Any size steel.

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What is a Steel Flitch Plate?

A flitch is a lengthwise cut steel plate. A flitch is made of a steel length that is sandwiched in between two layers of wood. Based on the function it might include additional layers of wood or steel to provide additional strength. The wood and the steel are joined, typically in a zigzag design with bolts of heavy-duty.

What are the advantages?

They are typically employed in construction projects that require large lengths of beams, and where the wood might not be sufficient length by itself. Flitch beams can also be utilized in loft conversions or restorations to older structures where the existing beams require more strength.

Although they are more durable than solid timber beams, flitch beams are less heavy and do not need to be positioned as deep for adequate support. They can be used for construction projects, particularly for older structures, and without altering the structure. They also permit greater flexibility in design because the beams can be constructed in any way needed to comply with construction codes.