T-Shirt Buying Tips For Men

T-shirts are clothes that men can wear in wild colors and still get away with it. Long-sleeved t-shirts look great when paired with two colors or have a faded look instead of bold color.

Choose bright colors in summer. This not only blends with the seasons but also creates a cool feeling, as bright colors don't absorb as much heat. Colors like mustard or green work well for dark-skinned. Unpleasant colors like orange look better on fair skin.

If you are going for a distressed look take care of the fit. If it's a half-sleeved shirt, make sure the sleeves fit. However, it should not be too tight in the chest and shoulder area and certainly not too tight on the sides. If you want to buy the best mens t-shirts, visit Anothen.

The graphic print on the t-shirt is great. If it's a solid color t-shirt, the print will stand out. Make sure the print you choose does not cover the entire t-shirt and make sure it matches the color of your t-shirt.

A striped t-shirt is also a cool option  Try a stroke combo instead of the usual white, black, and blue. If you're heavy on the larger side or on the top, choose wide stripes. Wide stripes can make you look slimmer than you really are.

Some hints in buying t-shirts:

• When buying a t-shirt with a round or V collar, stretch the neckband slightly. If the collar feels tight or stiff, don't buy it.

• Waist-length shirts are best. In addition, they look gloomy.

• Sleeves should not protrude. They should fit snugly around your arm.

• If you prefer a slimmer body, pair a dark t-shirt with light denim.