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Heel Pain Therapy and Treatment in Baltimore

Heel pain is among the most common ailments in patients suffering from both ankle and foot disorders. This generally happens at the surface of the foot known as the plantar surface or at the rear part of the heel. 

Some are acute pain and can be caused by walking, standing, or conducting heavy tasks. This consumes a lot of energy which makes the shape of the foot to be in an irregular position. To know more about heel pain therapy in Baltimore, visit the website.

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Know the symptoms of heel pain:

Pain generally happens at the bottom of the heels and could extend to the arch of the foot. The pain becomes sharp at the end if it is not treated on time. This pain can decrease after stretching or walking for a short period as it warms up.  

Treatment of heel pain:

Your podiatrist and physical therapist may give you effective treatment for you personally. For light, non-chronic pain, home remedies could succeed. The aim of these subsequent treatments would be to diminish pain and inflammation, improve endurance, and reduce excess pressure on the plantar fascia, and promote healing of the foot.

Some of the groups which are most affected by the heel pain are:

  1. Middle-age people

  2. Physically active people who are involved in sports and other activities.

  3. Obese and overweight people.

  4. Women during pregnancy

  5. Children at the age of 8 to 14

Get the best treatment of heel pain in Baltimore. Where you can get the best therapy for your foot and other related problems. Moreover, under the guidance of best podiatrists which can check the foot ailments in an in-depth manner.