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Freight Broker and Logistics Training

The trucking industry is seeing more experienced drivers who are leaving the profession mainly due to excessive regulation of the company. The trucking lifestyle is seen as unacceptable, most will find themselves out of business, unemployed, or refusing to overcome a company that offers extended hours, low pay, and a great drawback. 

Many people would leave the industry because of the hardships imposed on them by the principles and even retire in years of driving. One of the biggest opportunities for most people has proved to be a cargo agent or logistics agent, but it is not straightforward. It requires work, dedication, and commitment to building your new business. To get more information on freight broker and logistics training, you may check this link right here now


Even though a government exam or official training isn't required, the coaching is recommended to completely understand the way the freight broker industry operates and receive assistance from veteran brokers. Learning the machine is important in achievement for example:

  • Freight Broker Authority
  • Price of operating freight brokerage
  • Federal broker requirements
  • Required documents
  • Establish a customer base
  • Customer talk
  • Establish client base
  • Revenue process
  • Using Remittance Software

It requires some time and effort to set up any company and the job doesn't come for you, you have to get it; But successful freight agents can easily earn an average of $40,000 a year and many see yearly earnings in six figures. 

The ideal candidate for the freight agent business is one who has expertise within the transportation industry, like a former truck driver. With an understanding of how the system operates and prior contact with shippers, it just makes sense.

With over 500,000 trucking businesses in the United States pulling annual revenue of $255.5 billion, sending $671 billion in freight every year and 432.9 billion miles each year, at a time there are approximately 8,000 freight agents. Every one of those brokers individually doesn't have more than 4 percent share on the current market, leaving a massive space for cargo broker entrepreneurs.