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End Your Anger With Rage Cage Smash Room Game in Lancaster, CA

The Rage Cage Room is a destruction room, which basically means you go there to break something. Think of it as anger management or a no-bills therapy at the end – you arrive angry and leave happy!

So what you can destroy. Whatever you want, really – old TV, smartphone, glasses, ugly clothes, pictures in your ex's frame, dishes and microwave (except light bulbs and anything poisonous). You can bring your own or they have a lot of stuff in there that you can buy to destroy. You can have the best experience of playing rage cage in Lancaster CA via https://www.paintballusa.org/pricing/xtreme-rage-cage-experience.

Rage Room Provides Emotional Release That's Therapeutic

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For nearly $ 50, you can get a box of milk worth smashing, or you can go to a rock star and smash a guitar for $ 50. When you enter the cage, you'll be greeted with a wide variety of weapons, including bats, ties, and even hammers.

If you really want to do something, it's up to you to really go crazy. You may find it a little weird at first, but the second thing you erase is that the first cup of tea with a baseball bat is guaranteed to go.

While it seems a little illegal (we're glad to see that), the Rage Cage crew is very concerned about safety and all participants must wear full personal protective gear, including overalls, face shields, gloves and boots, and there is a one-person limit. per room.