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How can you avoid big trouble with your roofer?

When you consider working on your roof, your main goal seems simple – to have a permanent, strong roof that will last a long time. But you actually have three other goals which include:

1. Avoid paying roof prices more than you should.

2. Research and shopping once and for all, not again and again.

3. Don't get ripped off or feel like a fool afterward

How do you handle this difficult task? How can you sift through the rooftop companies there and pick a ‘good roofing contractor’ (also known as ‘bon entrepreneur en toiture’ in the French Language)?

The Basics of Roofing Replacement

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The first thing to remember is that cost, licensing and quality go hand in hand. If the rooster has a license, he can ask for more. If he's doing a great job based solely on experience, they can ask for more.

You need to rate the artist you think of. That is, you should look for factors such as:  whether they have workers' compensation and other insurance to cover workers, accidents and the job itself. This is to protect you as a homeowner from liability problems.

You need to make sure that the roofers are experienced in doing the job. What are their qualifications and certificates? Look for permits and contractual arrangements with local government organizations.

For further guidance, see the business philosophy of contractors and their companies for adopting ethics. You can deduce this from the individual artist's corporate culture which you can consume through your contact with them.