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Somatic Psychotherapy And Its Advantages

Somatic only means "having to do with your system", thus, a somatic therapy of any type is one that works directly with your system. As a sort of psychotherapy, somatic treatment is a means of affecting psychological change through your system.

Licensed psychotherapy in Silicon Valley can be used with mind-body exercises to deal with PTSD and other mental health problems. Somatic therapy theorizes which traumas in the past trigger instability within the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

somatic psychotherapy

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Somatic treatment is not only one form of treatment though. A wide variety of physical techniques may be utilized to make positive changes within the human body and mind. Your therapist may concentrate on these methods, or they might utilize more than one to match your particular requirements.

Advantages of Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy is regarded as a mind-body therapy since it depends on the link between physical and mental processes. After all, your brain works together with your body, and your body functions together with your brain to make you who you are and also to make the physical and psychological pain you encounter.

Should you pursue somatic treatment to cure the injury, your counselor can allow you to reframe your traumatic experiences, and that means that you may conquer their unwanted effects on your body and mind. You might even learn to get a larger and more positive sense of self.