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Benefits Of Having An Automatic Pool Cover

An automatic pool cover can be protective, comfortable, and attractive at the same time, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best choice for your pool. Before starting this type of investment, you need to make sure that you can actually take advantage of such a pool cover.  You can also buy the best automatic pool covers through various online sources.

Here are the benefits of an automatic pool cover so you can make the right decision the first time around.

1. Less time to clean the pool

The capacity to quickly open and close your pool with an automatic pool cover can save you money and time on pool maintenance. Spend more time swimming and less time cleaning leaves and other debris from the pool! Your automatic pool cover also helps stop water evaporation, which can save you money on chemical replacements. 

Many automatic pool owners see that chemical consumption in their pools is reduced by 35-60%. As a long-term effect, it can help the environment by reducing energy consumption for packaging and transporting chemicals.

2. Less heat and water loss

Evaporation is the number one cause of heat loss from your pool. On average, a standard-size pool loses about 1-4 inches of water per week through evaporation. Keeping the cover closed when your pool is not in use will help stop evaporation and heat loss. 

Thanks to the anti-evaporation properties of the cover, you will also find that pool heating costs are significantly reduced with regular use of the pool cover. 

Advantages of Adding a Pool Enclosure To Your Pool

When you have a pool enclosure at home there is no hindrance for you to enjoy diving into the pool water all year round. An swimming pool enclosures is one of the safety requirements in Florida when you have a backyard pool.

pool enclosure

Find out the benefits you will experience when installing an enclosure:

  • Extended Living Space – When you install a pool enclosure in your home, it serves as an extended living space outside next to your pool. You can open your windows and doors as an expanded access to the pool area.
  • Less Maintenance – With an enclosure, it requires less maintenance in cleaning the surroundings in your pool side and keeping out debris. There are no leaves and insects to clean out.
  • Security – Covering your pool with an enclosure provides privacy. You can stay in your backyard all day without having to worry of annoying bugs and you are secure from wild animals in your surroundings.
  • More Leisure Time – You can spend more time with your family and more pleasant outdoor moments. You can relax in your backyard without worrying of falling debris, dirt and leaves.
  • UV Protection -Florida is known as the Sunshine State and you will experience more sunny days. With pool enclosure you will be protected from harmful ultraviolet rays while staying outside in the backyard area. Your skin will not be exposed to direct sun. Direct sunlight is screened that makes the pool water become cooler. Also, it slows down the growth of algae in the pool.
  • Adds Property Value – An enclosure is a popular structure addition of homes in Florida. It increases the resale value of the property.