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TV Mounting – Best Left to the Professionals

There are several facts to think about while getting on TV mounting. To start with, you should be sure that all your work is going to be done depending on your county's regulations. You need to hire an expert for professional tv mounting services.

A lot of installers will use the AC power cable for the TV. This can be dangerous, also in case that you had a home fire, this could cause huge problems getting your insurance to pay for matters. 

Additionally, you need to use UL/CL3 rated wires within the wall. Many wires which aren't UL/CL3 rated may give rise to a flame, so you shouldn't use these. 


                                                                 Image Source- Google

Also, think about the lengths and quality of cable you may need for connecting your TV to a power source. Typically, lengths will not be a problem if the plug is near. Furthermore, if you are connecting your gear with an HDMI cable, contemplate a way of securing your cable. 

How are you going to get electricity for your TV? 

If you are running each one of your wires outside the wall, in the majority of cases you can run the power cable interior your molding and then plug it into a socket, or use an excellent surge protector or line socket. 

It's also advisable to avoid running your wires along with high-voltage lines, since they may cause noise in your audio and image.