Talent Assessment Methods Are Used For Recruitment

If you’re wondering how to evaluate talent, here’s a list of three talent assessment test types that can prove useful to your hiring processes:

1. Work samples

The work sample is a piece of actual work that a candidate will complete. Usually, it’ll be closely related to the job they applied to.

For example, an SEO specialist can be asked to conduct keyword research for one specific topic, an accountant could be asked to apply a few formulas, and a developer may be asked to write a short piece of code.

You can also use programmer assessment tools to assess the ability of the candidate.

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Make sure you’re asking them to produce work that’s as closely related to the position they’re applying to as possible – this way, you can also help them better understand the role and how much they’d like it.

2. Job simulations

You may have heard of the famous interview question “Can you sell me this pen?”. It’s usually presented to salespeople to evaluate skills like persuasion and thinking on their feet. This is what a job simulation is.

This type of talent assessment is similar to the work sample, but it involves more on-the-spot work. A job simulation can be done during the interview or via online hiring assessment tools.

3. Cognitive ability testing

Cognitive ability tests can also be called “Intelligence tests” or “General Aptitude Tests”. They usually include numerical and verbal reasoning, as well as logic exercises, but they can also branch out to memory, problem-solving, attention to detail, and more.

These talent assessments help you evaluate candidates’ general intelligence and ability to comprehend various concepts and solve basic problems.