Teeth Whitening Services: What You Need to Know

Dental whitening products are everywhere. From toothpaste to whitening strips, pens, trays, and more. How do you choose the right product, and what results can you expect? 

Address this before you whiten your teeth

Before whitening your teeth, it’s essential to understand the source of the discoloration. You can also search the web to get more information about the best teeth whitening training near me.

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The most common culprits are smoking, tea, coffee, and red wine. However, there could be an underlying factor, such as decay or root exposure. These problems should be addressed before whitening to avoid sensitivity and achieve the best possible results.

Do you have crowns or fillings on your front teeth?

This is where whitening can get tricky! Your dentist will want to make sure your restorations match the shade of your natural teeth, so talk to your dentist about the best options for achieving a whiter smile before whitening.

     Teeth whitening services

     1.Take-home trays

Custom-fitted trays are the most commonly recommended option. When trays are made to fit your unique smile, the whitening solution can contour to your teeth, giving you the brightest results possible.

Also, trays are designed to protect your gums from irritation, making your whitening experience both effective and pleasant.

     2.In-office bleaching

Some dental offices offer an in-office whitening treatment that provides expedited results. However, tooth sensitivity tends to be more prevalent when using an in-office bleaching system and may not be the best option for everyone.