The Health Benefits of Using Bamboo Towels

Are you seeking some new and innovative ways to save the planet? Maybe you've planned to "get on board with it" but you're not certain of the best way to begin going green. In order to save the planet, everyone must be a part of the solution and remember that even the smallest things could add up. That is why one simple thing you can do today is to shop for organic products. You can buy the best quality kitchen towel at Sheet Glory.

These are products made without harming the environment similar to other manufacturing processes. One product you could purchase right now, and you would not even notice buying natural kitchen towels. Organic towels are available in a variety of patterns and colors to meet the needs of even the most demanding consumer.

Eco - Friendly Paper Towels

Nearly every organic towel is hypoallergenic. The most commonly used ones are made from bamboo and hemp. They are used the same way as other kitchen towels to dry dishes, clean up spills or dry the hands. In essence, you won't be able to tell the difference between natural kitchen towels as opposed to their counterparts.

The plants used in the production of these towels, hemp, and bamboo are grown organically, with no pesticides or fertilizers. As the fabric is processed and harvested no harsh chemicals are employed, even during the process of dying. With all this in mind, let's take one look at the two most well-known types of fabric for these towels. We'll also look at the benefits they provide over normal kitchen towels made of cotton.


Bamboo is harvested with very minimal resources and is taken every three to four years, which makes it a truly eco-friendly tree. Bamboo towels are biodegradable and naturally antibacterial. They also are extremely soft and absorbent than the typical cotton towel.


The flax plant is the main ingredient. This plant is grown without any chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The majority of hemp towels made from organic materials aren't dyed. Although they aren't as absorbent or comfortable as bamboo towels, they're generally cheaper.