The Process of Transporting a Vehicle in Los Angeles

Most people who fill out the online form to get a quote to move from point A to point B don't realize that their request will be diverted to about 8 to 10 road agents. Once the various brokers got this information, they bombarded the operator with phone calls and emails. You can hire the best transport vehicles at

A large number of brokers will hide this simple fact from shippers and try to make the carrier believe that they are actually talking to the car company that will transport their vehicle. This is usually done by posting a price and asking the sender to "make a deposit". The actual deposit is nothing more than an intermediary fee.

In essence, placing the vehicle on the control panel is nothing more than an offer from the carrier to transport the carrier to the carrier for a price. The operator is NOT allowed to accept the vehicle at the declared price. Many brokers will try to build a business by making a "low ball" offer to the shipper, knowing that the price offered to the carrier will not be accepted.

Now back to the process.

1) If your vehicle is too cheap, every operator on this route will pass it. In essence, your vehicle remains on the board for the rest of the time.

2) If your vehicle is priced right, the carrier will accept it at the advertised price or

3) If the price of your vehicle is close to the price the operator received on their route, they will contact the broker and make a counteroffer