The Purpose of Tissue In Australia

Tissue paper industry had a positive story to tell for many years or even decades. However, it wasn't being told well. Tissue story purpose is to tell this story in a positive and more public way than it has been done previously. You can buy  reusable kitchen paper rolls & towels online via Sheet Glory,

There are many Objectives:

  • Tissue main goal is to highlight the many positive aspects of tissue paper products. This includes the Hygienic, Environmental and Technological aspects. It also aims to generate a greater sense of pride in the industry. 

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  • Tissue Story's Vision is to become a top-level competence centre. It will initially be primarily for those working in the tissue industry such as tissue converters and tissue makers. These positive facts will hopefully be shared with everyone in the tissue industry so they can become informal ambassadors.

  • Another objective is to create a comprehensive Knowledge Base or what could be called the Textbook of Tissue Technology. This will be a compendium of knowledge about tissue making and information, but not reveal any proprietary information. According to my knowledge, such a collection does not exist in digital or paper form. This article on Basics of Tissue Creping, which is located in the adjacent article, shows how this material will be used to create the Textbook of Tissue Technology.

  • This initiative also aims to attract new talents, such as smart students and mid-career professionals interested in working in the tissue industry.