Things To Consider For Marijuana Delivery Service

Cannabis Delivery Service is a term relating to individuals or companies that distribute marijuana via delivery. Some organizations offer hand delivery, while others have a mail order option. You can phone a business or complete the transaction online.

A few things to note about the marijuana delivery facility:

  • At present, 24/7 delivery services don’t exist anywhere.
  • If you live in a medical card-only state, you need to show it to the person delivering your purchase. In adult-use states, a valid ID card is sufficient.
  • In most places, you can only have cannabis delivered to a residential address.
  • In the majority of states, you can’t get anyone to accept the delivery on your behalf. However, in California, most places allow anyone over the age of 21 to take the package.
  • As long as you use a reputable dispensary, delivery is a safe practice.
  • Delivery services must adhere rigidly to state law. Therefore, they won’t let you purchase more than the legal amount.

Delivery services vary by price, operating hours, delivery times, minimum orders, service areas, menu selection, menu emphasis, and degree of customer service.

The cannabis industry is worth billions of dollars annually and is set to grow exponentially. The legalization level is increasing to the point where over two-thirds of states have an MMJ program at least.