Top Features You Should Look For When Buying A Slow Cooker

Crock Pots or slow cookers are an essential kitchen tool for those on a tight budget or who work full-time and desire to be home for an enticing meal, without spending long hours working in the kitchen at night or after school. 

They can transform any meat cut into a delicious morsel and they can be used to prepare anything from soups and sauces to full meals. 

However, you have to look for features that give you the most flexibility in slow cooking and will assist you in preparing the finest food that tastes good. You can buy the best slow cooker in Australia online.

10 Food Safety Tips for the Slow Cooker

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Here are the top aspects to consider when buying one. 

Size-When it comes down to slow cookers, size can matter. If you're planning to use it to make casseroles and soups for a single person, or sauces to go with the dinner you cooked by baking, then the smaller 3-4 quart is the best option. 

But, if you plan to prepare entire meals on a daily basis or cook ahead and freeze food for later use, the larger cooker of 6-7 quarts is the best choice. A few people purchase two different sizes to accommodate all their requirements.

Inserts- The standard inserts for slow cookers and crock pots are made of ceramic, however, some are made from aluminum. The insert made from ceramic (what the food is actually put into) appears to be more flavorful when you choose to use a liner made of ceramic. 

Programmable cooking Time-This isn't an essential feature but it can be useful for those working from home.