Wedding Photographers Tips – Choosing a Kit

Your lighting kit will be the most important decision if you've decided to enter the competition. This is a slow process. Your second most important influence on your wedding photography is technique. It will also be your biggest cost. Take some time to consider whether you are a good candidate for wedding photography.

Keep in mind that the kit of wedding photographers must be flexible and can handle a variety of situations. These are the tricks to choose your softbox lighting equipment carefully and make the best compromises.

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1. Camera Body

The camera body must meet certain requirements for wedding photographers. The sensor must be large enough to allow for enlargements of at least 50cm. 

It should also have an adequate ISO range. It is all about the 'feel'. It is important to feel at ease with your camera and be able to shoot effortlessly.

2. Lenses

These glasses are more important than your own body, so make sure you invest in high-quality glass with a good build and coatings.

3. Flash

Wedding photographers will have to lighten dark interiors and use fill flash outside.

4. Batteries

Batteries are fast food for wedding photographers! Triple your estimate!

5. Memory Cards

Many memory cards are needed. You will need 16GB to 24GB depending on the size and type of your sensor.

6. Reflector

It is crucial to reflect light in dark areas, and improve portraits.

7. Tripod

The majority of wedding photography is done handheld. A tripod can help you produce sharper images and compose group shots.