What Can Affect A Claim If Your Flat Roof Has Suffered Storm Damage?

The last thing you want is to realize that your insurance policy won’t payout for repairs. Here are a few things you need to know about making a claim if you believe your flat roof has suffered storm damage.

What condition was your roof already in?

Was your flat roof already in a poor condition before the storm? This is one of the most important questions an insurance company will want to answer. A surveyor will be sent to your property to investigate the type of damage and when it may have occurred. However, you can also get roofing services for your roof maintenance and any kind of roof repair.

Photographs will be taken for analysis and all evidence will be considered before a decision regarding your claim is made. 

If it is deemed that your flat roof was in a poor state of repair at the time the bad weather occurred, most insurance companies will come to the conclusion that the storm merely highlighted your flat roof’s issues, rather than caused them. In this case, your claim will almost certainly be declined. 

What other course of action might there be?

Do not despair as although your claim may be rejected for reasonable reasons, you could still successfully claim through alternative insurance cover. 

For example, read your insurance policy carefully as if your flat roof has suffered storm damage, you might be able to claim through the accidental damage section.