What can podiatry felt be used for?

Podiatry (or which was once referred to as ‘chiropody’) felt is a frequently used padding product to deal with numerous issues in the foot. The podiatry felt is a natural material that is semi-compressed into the padding having a self-adhesive layer. The felt padding is available in flat sheets that may be then be trimmed to any pattern using scissors or it's available in many shapes as pre-cut pads a variety of kinds of foot disorders along with different placements on the feet. The protective sheet over the adhesive padding is taken off and the felt pad is adhered to the foot to shield just about any painful location to provide that region a rest to ensure the symptoms could be relieved and the problem given an opportunity to get better.

For hallux valgus a big pad in the shape of a doughnut can be cut and adhered across the area to remove shoe force away from the painful hallux valgus. If you have a corn on the toe, then the smaller felt pad might be trimmed to sit just behind the painful corn in order that the footwear puts the pressure to the felt pad and not over the corn. This should decrease the symptoms and enable any irritation to improve. Discomfort beneath the ball of the foot may be taken care of using a adhesive felt pad that goes over the ball of the foot and a opening is cut in the padding where the painful area is. These are simply a few examples of how the felt padding could be employed to handle foot symptoms.

It is often beneficial to bevel the edges of the adhesive felt padding using scissors as the pad will stay on the foot longer. You generally need to make sure the skin is thoroughly clean before removing the backing of the adhesive and sticking the adhesive felt on the foot. Do not make the error of using a foot cream just before using the felt pad. It is not going to stick after doing this. Following the adhesive felt pad is in place and shielding the painful location, then it is commonly a good idea to apply piece or pieces of adhesive tape to help retain the adhesive felt felt pad in position preventing the edges of the felt pad being caught up in the hosiery whenever wearing them. It is important that the felt does not get wet and kept dry if you can. When it is, then the adhesive pad is often kept in position for at least a few days. Normally, the podiatry felt padding needs to be swapped out every couple of days. These replacements making use of the podiatry adhesive felt padding can be carried out as long as is recommened for the painful area to get enough rest to get some relief.

The podiatry felt is an efficient temporary method for a wide selection of foot symptoms. It is often not necessarily your best option over the longer term. If you feel as if you will need something like this type of padding in the long run following a short term trial, then go over the long run alternatives with a podiatric doctor.