Why Get Decorative Lighting For The Bathroom?

Perhaps the most important area in terms of lighting is the sink. When we shower, we need to see ourselves clearly in the mirror, without shadows, reflections and distortions. This of course depends on the quality of the mirror, but mostly on the brightness. It is now really easier to look for the best colored LED lights at Color Lighting by Ligman.

How To Choose Bathroom Lighting - The Light House Gallery

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Out of place for colored light (it is impossible to measure the color of the lipstick correctly or how carefully you shave it) and direct light from below (due to strong shadows, the reflection looks like a cast).

The light near the sink should only be white, similar to the natural light spectrum. Most advantageous for side lighting mirror surfaces: This can be a long, narrow halogen lamp or a row of small recessed lamps. Long halogen lamps can be placed on top. 

Use the same rules: diffused, reflected, soft light. It is better to choose a lamp on the bracket and enlarge it a little. The main thing is that the glass or plastic canopy is matte and white, and the light source is hidden. The reflection then matches the original.

When we start with functionality, in most cases the light in the bath/shower is not needed. However, if you want to wash yourself in an intimate setting, a bra with colored awnings and dim lights can be placed over the bath.

Romantics will love a bath with built-in multi-colored lighting or a low-lighted whirlpool. The optimal solution for a bath is a lamp mounted on the ceiling above. Long (colored) halogen or fluorescent tubes on a wall are also great.