Why You Should See An Invisalign Dentist

If your teeth are misaligned, it's more than just ugly – it can cause real discomfort. You have several options, but the two most common are orthodontic braces and services from Invisalign dentists. Which is the best?

Most patients and dentists and orthodontists agree that Invisalign is a new easy dental monitoring technology and an improvement over braces, even though it is more expensive and may not be fully covered by the dental plan.

However, most patients find the extra cost worth it. In recent years, have you seen someone wearing a metal clip? Probably not.

Why Invisalign Is Better And Safer

It is unfair to say that braces are completely ineffective at correcting orthodontic problems. They actually do the job very well. However, there was another problem that made healing almost as bad as the illness.

The most serious problem of having a metal bracket is related to oral hygiene, which is difficult to completely solve when wearing a metal bracket.

It is almost impossible to floss, and placing a toothbrush under the metal is not an accomplishment. Even worse, dental technicians can't get X-rays properly when there is metal in the mouth.

Another benefit that many patients acknowledge is that treatment with Invisalign can be much shorter than with traditional metal brackets.

While orthodontic patients can wear a metal bracket for as long as eight years, those who take Invisalign can achieve significant results in as little as twelve months.