A Complete Guide – Paracord As The Most Versatile and Useful Survival Gear

Paracord is a generic word for a parachute cord. According to reports, the name paracord comes from its use by American paratroopers during World War II. However, there may be international debate on this issue as it is a very complex subject. Paracord is a specially designed lightweight rope that can be used for hundreds of different purposes. They are very thin and light ropes made of nylon kernmantle. 

Paracord 550 is actually considered a real paracord which can be used for both internal and external purposes. The original goal of producing paracord was to provide a better solution for the parachute suspension line. Today's general purpose cables can be used as a solution for hundreds of things. That is why paracord is the most universal and useful tool.  To buy various types of 275 paracords visit www.theparacordstore.com/275-paracord.html.

Parachute cables were originally made for one purpose, but today they are used as general purpose cables in every home. It can be used in hundreds of situations. With the help of paracord you can build an emergency shelter. This can help you bind and secure protective materials such as sticks and bamboo. 

It can be used in rope deck railing, camping and trekking. At home, it is like a multifunctional tool. With the help of paracord, you can make bottle holders in school and college bags, replace broken shoelaces, make hangers for fruit, vegetables, herbs and other materials, etc.

550 paracord can also be used for fishing. However, when using paracord for fishing, you need to separate the inside and outside of the paracord. The inner part (called the core) can be used as fishing gear thread.