Best Practices when Designing a Website this 2021

If you are about to design a website for your company to display your products or services, here are some of the best practices that you should be considering when designing your own website.

A website should look colorful and not just purely black and white. Don’t over colored it but 2 to 3 colors will make it better. There are some color scheme tools online that you can match when designing a website. It will be a big help if you want to choose or decide which color you are going to use when you design the layout.

A website should be HTML5 and CSS3 friendly. Most browsers nowadays are compatible with HTML5 and CSS3, so users will have a good look on your page whenever they browse it regardless of the browser that they are using. The common browser is Google Chrome and the Apple Safari browser which you should consider in testing the layout on these browsers when you develop the website.

Your website should be mobile friendly. People nowadays are using their mobile phones and tablets to buy products online or maybe avail some services. If your website is mobile friendly, then there is 95% chance that the user or visitor will stay on your site and buy your products or services.

You can always look for web design companies online and make sure they have good portfolio.